Aunty chatting

We both are sitting in the inner chamber and chatting while I heared a familiar voice outside. Then I uncle left and I asked my friend-What DVD he took? I know that my friend with his sister and younger brother will be going to their village for the holiday and Uncle will be out of the town for technical seminar. Her daughter opened the door and smiled at me and said-Brother is not at home. I peeked through a small hole and to my surprise I saw Pratibha Aunty’s husband at the counter. My friend smiled and said-He is a regular customer of Porn DVDs. After my friend and others leave for the village, Uncle will have 2 days in hand before the seminar and that’s when he is planning for Aunty’s ass or may be after he comes back after 2 days. He asked for some DVD and the counterboy gave him one. I waited for sometime to get her ass afjusted to my cock and soon I was drilling her ass like it was no tomorrow. I was banging her holding her two shoulders and kissing her back,neck and pressing her boobs too. Soon, I started shooting my load inside her and hugged her and we both fell on the bed. Dont worry,he wont upset me as he will lose the chance of fucking my ass. After she gluped my load and licking her lips, I said-Aunty,that day, I came for a book as one of my teacher asked me to know about the KHYEBAR pass. Prabhita Aunty was there and she said-He had brought some DVD and we wanted to see them. She said-Ok then start the DVD and sit with me on the sofa. Then inch by inch I went in and she was saying-Ooh,aah,umoh,ungh etc. Now come on, You have a lots of other things to do please your Aunty as she has fulfilled your desire. That night I fucked her in many positions as instructed by her,ate her pussy and drank her sweet love juice and in the morning while leaving,she desired for another cream drink which I obeliged. Since he is not here,why don’t we both watch it together? I said-Yes Aunty but in my heart, I was saying-My dinner is you Aunty and tonight I will have you to my full. The first scene was a mature lady smooching a young boy and caressing his cock. She screamed again and I asked her to push her head to pillow to suppress her voice.She knew that I liked what she had and she also knew that the way I looked at her wasn't the same as I a nephew should be looking at her.

We both looked at the film and at that time,woman was sucking the boys cock hard. She was grabbing my cock over my pants and started creasing it. I said-I admit that Aunty,you find it rather discomforting as you never seen or even thought of this kind of thing but its one way of sex and as most Indian woman have the assholes virgin,many husbands after seeing these kind of films which are flourishing in the market now a dasys,wants to try it too. She looked at me and said-You too are a freak like him?Behind our house stayed my Dads brother where his wife, my aunt Jaya was living. Dad's brother, my Uncle works in the Middle-East and he has been there for quite some time. It is getting close to two years since he has gone. I'd do whatever it takes to make my life normal" I said. Interesting." Jaya Aunty said, and got up to leave. So,from all the sources,we both families are having a good relationship and that’s why I thought that she might be my next prey. When I returned home,one thing was going on my mind. Pratibha Aunty came and smiled at me and asked about the wellbeing of my family. I just cut two wires so that even if the electricity will pass but neither the loading tray will open nor there will be any video. After few minutes, Shubangi Aunty came with the tea and said-Sonu and all the family are going to the village for the holiday. He wants your virgin ass Aunty but despite his best efforts, it will I who will have the last laugh, I mean fuck. One day I was sitting at one of friend,who owns a CD/DVD shop and also does all kind of recording etc. If uncle fucks Aunty’s virgin ass,then I don’t think I will have much fun with Aunty. An idea stuck me and I immediately set off for Pratibha Aunty’s house. I wanted to go too but Uncle said that I can go after 2 days when I leaves for the seminar. I said-I wanted some book and its there on the table.

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