Buy katinko ointment online dating

Aside from giving the bite an anesthetic effect, it contains camphor that can alleviate the heat within the bite site and give it a cool feeling.For my husband, I can massage him with a thin layer of Katinko in his head when he feels light headedness and fatigue. The cooling effect and the fatigue immediately dissipates.

I am a person who loves to bring ointment everywhere I go. It's a chinese ointment used for muscle pains, head aches etc.

When it comes to anti fungal infections B-tex is one ointment I just hate using.

I used it once and was disgusted with the results and since then I avoid this useless but expensive cream.

For my toddler, it is very important to relieve her itchiness due to mosquito bites.

When the itch becomes a swelling, I will immediately put a thin layer on the site.

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