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Dentist Metrics specializes in helping dentists worry less about the business side of dentistry by providing timely, action packed advice on how to improve their practice's results.

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I’ve actually included a copy of the spreadsheets here if you want to download, along with a video explaining how to use it, I even set it up with three additional months so you can use it going forward) Click here to get the videos and spreadsheet A lot of dental consults say this number should be around 33%.

There are other numbers that look less than optimal, but remember, focus on one improvement at a time. is from June-August’s numbers that aren’t entered yet.It may not be reproduced, published or hyperlinked to in any shape or form without the written permission of Emma Lee TV - Nylon Fetish Tranny! All material is owned and copyrighted by Emma Lee TV - Nylon Fetish Tranny! In particular, posting to usernet newsgroups, yahoo/msn (or any similar) groups, bulletin boards, flickr or any other location outside of this website is strictly prohibited and anyone found doing this will forfeit their access rights (including membership) to the website with no refunds. By accepting the terms and conditions you are stating that you do not hold this website responsible in any way for the content of sites not under the control of this website (i.e. You understand and accept that a link to another site from this one does not imply endorsement or any other relationship between this site and the site linked to. We cannot guarantee 100% uptime and availability of the membership system as we are dependant on our hosting and billing provider.We may also consider taking legal action in order to recover any considered losses. However, we will do our best to provide the maximum level of stability and accessibility possible. We use CCBill to provide our card processing system.This gives you a starting point to make efficient change in the practice and your policies.In this example, Hygienist #3 was just better at recall and Hygienist #2 was better at upselling/cross-selling.

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