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The Pomap-library maintains purely functional maps of partially ordered elements.Partially ordered maps are similar to partially ordered sets, but map values for which a partial order relation is defined to some arbitrary other values.

My approach has been rather simple: specifying the nodes and draw the necessary lines between them with --. Here's a variation of the diamond: \begin[scale=.7] \node (one) at (0,2) ; \node (a) at (-3,0) ; \node (b) at (-1,0) ; \node (c) at (1,0) ; \node (d) at (3,0) ; \node (zero) at (0,-2) ; \draw (zero) -- (a) -- (one) -- (b) -- (zero) -- (c) -- (one) -- (d) -- (zero); \end \begin[scale=.7] \node (one) at (90:2cm) ; \node (b) at (150:2cm) ; \node (a) at (210:2cm) ; \node (zero) at (270:2cm) ; \node (c) at (330:2cm) ; \node (d) at (30:2cm) ; \draw (zero) -- (a) -- (b) -- (one) -- (d) -- (c) -- (zero); \end \begin \node (max) at (0,4) ; \node (a) at (-2,2) ; \node (b) at (0,2) ; \node (c) at (2,2) ; \node (d) at (-2,0) ; \node (e) at (0,0) ; \node (f) at (2,0) ; \node (min) at (0,-2) ; \draw (min) -- (d) -- (a) -- (max) -- (b) -- (f) (e) -- (min) -- (f) -- (c) -- (max) (d) -- (b); \draw[preaction=] (a) -- (e) -- (c); \end @Yiannis Lazarides: I agree.A terrific achievement.' Persi Diaconis, Stanford University'This is 'the beauty and joy of experimental design': a mathematically beautiful and eloquently written treatise by the master!' Geert Molenberghs, Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium'A definitive treatment.Given a large number of known solutions, the partial order structure containing the elements can be used to draw conclusions about e.g.whether their particular form (syntax) implies anything about their position in the partial order (semantic aspect).

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