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Special Agent Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane joined the NCIS team earlier in season 15.

She is finally settling in, getting to know each of the team members, and adding her insight as a profiler to investigations.

The way we shot it was the camera operator and I went around with a video camera, stopped people at the stadium, and just started interviewing them as though I was PJ.

Let's address the alien in the room: The X-Files season 11 premiere was rough.

In "My Struggle III," a theme that the series is desperately trying to get fans to love, Scully and Mulder tackled (or should I say, stumbled through) the impending alien DNA invasion arc, which ended in the pair's convenient decision to wait for their son William to find them rather than the other way around.

So I’ve tried to stay out of the rumor mill as much as I can.

When we found out it was picked up, I was just over the moon.

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