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“I think it’s a very difficult time for relationships.

Speak to singletons over the age of 30 and you hear the same mournful refrain: “Most of my friends are married or partnered up and the only single people I meet are workmates.” Add to that the fact that once the carefree 20s are over, lots of things change – with more responsibility at work, there’s less leisure time, mortgages begin to take their toll and fewer carefree parties take place.

We all know the famous aphorism that if you’re female, live in New York and you’re over 30 you have more chance of being run over than finding a mate.

Judging by contemporary writing on the subject, there are more single people looking for a soulmate than at any other time in human history.

Supper parties down the road don’t happen so often, people are too busy and don’t matchmake the way they used to, and everybody now travels so much.

We’ve bred a generation that finds divorce acceptable, so there are also many more older people back on the marriage or relationship market.” She goes on to say that the rise of the successful woman has also changed the psychological landscape.

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