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These offences apply simply if you’re seen using a mobile while driving.The police have even been using unmarked lorries to observe drivers who text or phone as the higher seating position means they can see and record offences not normally visible from a car.If you have to use a hand held mobile then you'll first have to stop driving, which means parking up safely and legally with the handbrake on.

Thanking you for your support, Odean pls tell me what is the code no. (I had Vodafone in it and I have set a phone lock code in case the sim will be changed and when I changed to other provider it said: password so I typed 000000 but said wrong code and I did try to remember what pass was there without succes and now sais Phine Freeze. and my mobile imei number changed to 00000000000000/0. modle no- samsung sgh-j700 beat plz suggest me ur solution on my email [email protected] can\'t open my samsung GT-S5603 phone when it on, it display \"Phone lock\" please enter password 4 to 8 digit. I used master reset code, but it doesn\'t accept \' # \' key characterthank u so much...i have forgot my phone password..i am able to reset it.. thanks i need help : i buyed the phone on oreng and i now leave them and i got sim from selcom how i unloack my sim cards how i make to all cards work my phone its samsung GT-5130 ... I think the battery is misplace with old one while I was buying by the seller in some way he managed to do that. it got switch off automatically and not getting start....... someone just played a non-practical joke on me and used the code *2767*3855# on my SGH-i627 and the screen said formatting and effectively erased everything. my email is [email protected] forgot my phone lock . its a humble request i need it urgent u cn send me on my id [email protected] Billing is by the name of rajesh kumar. Could you tell me the file name so that I can delete the file to unlock my phone for using for another carrier?? I have samsung sghj700i enter this code #*7337# and my imei no. also network is not available .please suggest me what can i do. pls telll me a way to use this and change my password !! I've reset it and now my IMEI Stands 00000000000 wat is the way to restore my IMEI. :)i have samsung gt e1160 its work not opening the message inbox i press inbox its auomatically switched tell me the solution to correct this problem.through by my email id is ([email protected])I have samsung gt e1107 model Please give me the Default Security code ? Please help me i am trying to fix this issue long time ..... 9900555201, [email protected] have Samsung gt-e2120b i forget my Sim code then i format from this code (*2767*63342# and press green button) my phone has dead not opening please give me suggestion on my email id ([email protected]) help me to solve this problem thanks in advance i have a j700 and its sayin limited service cause i accidentely type a wrong code in it i think it is*7773# or*#77737# i dont really member the code but it is close to the code i write.........any one help me please I have the problem with the phone lock, i have forgotten my password. iv tried contacting the person i brought it off but he will not return my calls. OBS:É na mesma página do "ear gain" que modificaste por último... Please email me at [email protected] sir, i have a samsung B-3210 corby txt and it has been locked mistakenly....... This is because this code formats the NAND part of the EEPROM which in turn results in the rejection of the network service & hence displays "Limited Network" after phone reboots. The phone is Samsung E250i accidently typed #*7337# on my Samsung sgh m3510 beat & now itz shovn me \\"limited service \\" & my imei changed to 15 0\\'s........there a way to restore my cell plz help my email id: [email protected] #*7337# on my Samsung SGH E250 & now itz shovn me limited service & my imei changed to 15 0's .............there a way to restore my cell phone my email id: [email protected] typed #*7337# on my Samsung SGH E250i & now itz shovn me "limited service " & my imei changed to 15 0's........there a way to restore my cell plz help my email id : [email protected] have typed the code #*7337# code on my samsung SGH-m610 samsung gt-c3303k just dropped talk time from three hours to only one hour,,, this is realllllly annoying and i hope anyone can tell me how to fix this or why it happened!!! Je pense que cet abruti est allé toucher je ne sais quoi, parce que ce matin, en remettant ma SIM dans le portable, après avoir taper mon code SIm (mon adress est [email protected] have samsung sgh e250i.i entred a code in it.after entering the code a msg came eeprom reset.after this there is no network in it and imei number also became 000000000.i rebuild the imei number but no network anybody show me a way? plz my email is [email protected] have typed the code #*7337# code on my samsung SGH J700i email is [email protected] I am Odean, I have a Samsung SGH-B130 and its locked in the Digicel network, I reset it by Typing #*7337# and then It reset the phone, I placed a Lime Sim Card in the phone and it able to recognize The network of the Sim, It wasn\\'t able to do that at first, The problem is The phone is not finding the Network of the Lime Sim Card, When I try to search for the network it wasn\\'t able to pick up the Lime Network, I could only find the Digicel Network (The Service provider I bought the Phone from). IMEI number 355409 04 473009 /5 If anyone else is aware of it just email me at : [email protected] you :)tengo un prblema mi celular samsung gt-s3653 se me bloqueo y me pide una contraseña de entrada ya probe con las que son de fabrica pero nada como puedo hacer para reiniciar el telefono y borre dicha contraseña mi correo es [email protected] responder a mi mensaje seria de gran ayuda y gracias de antemano I have samsung corby txt b3210 made in vietnam by samsung.a week ago i got some software problems. I used secrect code *2767*3855# to Format my cell rebooted now i cant see network . after restarting it is showing me message as \\"Limited service\\". i gave a password in my samsung mobile phone GT-S3500i for my files in privacy setings soo after i removed it now when i want 2 put on the password again i need the old password which i dont remember .........should i do ? i have samsung star wifi mobile and i\'ve put a security code for it ,there is something in the software becuse i cant write anything and it\'s a touch mobile and i want to take evrything that is on my phone memory pls help me I gat a samsong cellphone model SGH-D980, I can\\'t access my keypad it just blocked on the left part of the tach screen only the rest of the parts are working, it was not foll down and nothing happend on the cell phone, is there any thing that I can do on the program?Real beauties avid for cock, moody to share and provide the best nudity scenes in smashing moments of extra spicy porn.It’s been illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving since December 2003.

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