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In this era of countless brands, this time of infinite messages, a man can get lost ... Playboy tells stories men want to live by, stories they want to be part of, stories they want to tell their friends. Playboy Studios is an in-house creative agency made up of best-in-class creatives, storytellers, analysts, influencers, party throwers, rabble rousers and provocateurs. And more than ever, they need a trusted voice to tell those stories.quote [Pirelli has launched a website with exclusive content, including interviews and behind-the-scenes videos for more insight into the 2017 calendar.Shot in five different cities, Lindbergh asked 14 famed actresses to participate in his vision—Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o, Charlotte Rampling, Lea Seydoux, Uma Thurman, Alicia Vikander, Kate Winslet, Robin Wright, and Zhang Ziyi].

The focus is on looniness, silliness, and out-of-control antics, with very little in the way of redeeming qualities.Two VHS tapes were released for the series in 1999.Together Forever contains the episodes "Dog Gone", "Flea or Die", "Diamond Fever", "Cat Dog's End" and "Work Force" with a bonus short "Cat-Diggety Dog" and Cat Dog vs.Albie Hecht, Nickelodeon's senior vice president of worldwide productions, said that the creators planned for the series to "really play off of kids' sympathies" by portraying the characters as experiencing "the worst of both worlds". It is advised for children aged seven and up, and it is given a score of 2/5 stars.Hannan said Cat Dog was inspired by watching neighborhood cats and dogs occasionally fight each other, and thought that it would be great to make conjoined twins Cat and Dog to see how both of the animals would fare against other things. It is described as "iffy", one of the reasons cited as being due to "some bad role models".

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