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In the 1950's the majority of the new town settlers came from North London, around Tottenham, Edmonton and Walthamstow, consequently there are a lot of Tottenham Hotspurs fans within the town.

With so many Spurs fans in Harlow there is a Spurs shop in the Harvey Centre, Spurs Store location map.

* Harlow Conservative MP Robert Halfon Voted for cutting the main central government grant to local government for; 2015-16 at a level 25% lower than it was set for 2014-15.

Harlow have voted for more of the same, decreasing services and school funding, more potholed roads, potholed pavements & potholed cycle tracks, things can only get worse.

Then there are the pedestrian junction crossing lamps, these have been removed, well, the tops have been cut off, leaving just the small keep left lights that always break down, or even worse they have been replaced by yellow "targets" that are supposed to reflect car lights, unfortunately they get dirty and fail to reflect anything, making them targets to be flattened.

Many of the removed lights are on crossing points and junctions where pedestrians have been killed or injured in the past.

Harlow is a town in the South East of England in the County of Essex.

The town is about 25 miles from the centre of London and 10 miles from Stansted airport.

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