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If you’re like us, and the original film was a seemingly unending source of all your waking fears, then join us as we go behind the scenes and expose some of the more shocking secrets of Stephen King’s At one point or another, we were all children.And like all children brought up after the year 1990, there was always a moment during childhood where someone (usually an older brother) would spring a film upon us.

Both ‘s Tim Curry who landed the role of that clown in the sewers, we can’t help but think just how potentially amazing Alex De Large (aka Malcolm Mc Dowell) would have filled in for King’s most nefarious villain.

But we can’t blame director Tommy Lee Wallace, as he was just as disappointed with the ending as Curry and the rest of us were.

The director had storyboarded something totally different, but—as always seems to be the case with TV movies—there just wasn’t enough time and/or money to pull off his original vision.

Many of these epic talents pass away without a word or without a highlight in the media.

Other celebrities’ deaths are just so tragic, we choose to move on and suppress the memory.

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